I  could not put this book down! Filled with twists I didn't see coming. I highly recommend this book. The story gets you hooked right in, and the characters are very interesting. I love the local references, and history, but this is a "murder light" that anyone can/will enjoy. No explicit sex or violence, just a great book!

Joy A Burnett - Amazon






I really enjoy this series. Once I start reading, it’s hard to take a break. I love the local history, and how the characters solve the murders. I look forward to the Author’s next addition to this series.

Sharon Hartung, Amazon

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A friend gifted me Georgia Cockerham's set of murder mysteries since we live right in Brookings where they take place! It was such a kick to read about the detectives stopping at local restaurants for lunch and going on hikes where we hike! Georgia gives some of the history of various places too, all the while twisting the plot and always surprising me in the end. A great read!

Patsy Haggerty - Amazon






I enjoyed this book. I was born and raised in Southern Oregon and it's great to read a story that gets the local color right. I enjoy the lead characters and the stories are easy to read without gore or over the top violence. I recommend this book and will be buying the rest of the series now.




An honest and heartfelt collection of poetry and watercolor paintings​​ following the death of Georgia's son, Zach.

"Thank-you for sharing your beautiful poems.  I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability.  It was healing for me to read of your experiences, and they gave me hope for the future.  I have re-read your book several times, and I find it very helpful." 

Bereaved mother Suzanne S.

Color and Words

by G. a. Cockerham                                                                                                            

A children's book of original poetry and watercolor paintings. about animals on the Northwest Coast.  

          Whimsical and Educational



Once again we find ourselves on the Oregon coast, following Detectives O’Toole and Starker as they hunt for a killer.  The author again delivers meticulous descriptions of police procedure, and accurate depictions of the local geography and culture.  The main characters are further revealed to us with insight into their humor, their habits, and their personal challenges.  This is yet another good read from G. A. Cockerham, and highly recommended.

Jane E. Schryer - Amazon

A delightful and educational story about the Saint George Reef Lighthouse as told by the animals that live in and around the great navigational beacon. 



This book is the 2nd in a series of excellent murder mysteries.  The lead characters are two detective partners that solve crimes in the beautiful coastal town of Brookings, Oregon.  The various crimes are solved using science and good old fashion police work.  A great read for a weekend on the coast.

Hugh Holden -  Amazon.