Once again we find ourselves on the Oregon coast, following Detectives O’Toole and Starker as they hunt for a killer.  The author again delivers meticulous descriptions of police procedure, and accurate depictions of the local geography and culture.  The main characters are further revealed to us with insight into their humor, their habits, and their personal challenges.  This is yet another good read from G. A. Cockerham, and highly recommended.

Jane E. Schryer gave it five stars out of five- on Amazon.

A delightful and educational story about the Saint George Reef Lighthouse as told by the animals that live in and around the great navigational beacon. 




A children's book of original poetry and watercolor paintings. about animals on the Northwest Coast.  

          Whimsical and Educational



An honest and heartfelt collection of poetry and watercolor paintings​​ following the death of Georgia's son, Zach.

"Thank-you for sharing your beautiful poems.  I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability.  It was healing for me to read of your experiences, and they gave me hope for the future.  I have re-read your book several times, and I find it very helpful."  From bereaved mother Suzanne S., Walnut Creek, CA


Police procedural in a small town, detective story with brilliant deductive work.  The setting along the southern Oregon coast is part of the charm of the three short stories that are collected as one volume.  I did have to set aside my skepticism that Brookings could afford the salaries of 2 detectives and a supervisor, as well as the veritable crime spree that 3 murders would be here, but the flip flop bank robber woven into another murder investigation was fun.  An enjoyable read, and not so gruesome as to cause a citizen to be afraid, or visitors to look over their shoulders.  Enjoyable main characters with lives outside the office, too.  Unfortunately, there's no doughnut shop nearby or in Brookings, so I imagine the detective stopped by Freddie's (grocery store with bakery) on his way to the office! Calla Felicity gave it five stars out of five - Goodreads.



Color and Words

by Georgia Cockerham


This book is the 2nd in a series of excellent murder mysteries.  The lead characters are two detective partners that solve crimes in the beautiful coastal town of Brookings, Oregon.  The various crimes are solved using science and good old fashion police work.  A great read for a weekend on the coast.

Hugh Holden gave it five stars out of five - Amazon.