Color and Words

by Georgia Cockerham

The sleepy coastal towns along the southern Oregon coast are awakened when a young woman is found slain in her home, followed by the murder of an elderly couple in the same town.  If the deaths are related, what is their sinister connection?  In this second book in the O’Toole and Starker murder mystery series the reader will follow the detectives as they seek out clues and unravel stories from several suspects, and in the process enlist the help of law enforcement agencies in three states.

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        Coming in July, 2019

       MURDER REPLETE...for now

Another O'Toole/Starker murder mystery

An innocent highway rest stop along the dramatic southern Oregon coast becomes a crime scene when a woman and her dog step off the forested path and come across a man hanging from the end of a rope.

Detectives Patty O’Toole and Rick Starker investigate the crime and, together with law enforcement in several states, gather clues that suggest they’re looking for a cunning individual with a knowledge of crime scene forensics.

 The responsible is always one step ahead of the detectives, believing he has superior abilities as he enjoys watching law enforcement struggle.  But boredom is setting in and there’s another targeted victim awaiting his attention.

 The detectives’ intellect and experience, in addition to new forensic techniques are at work to find the responsible and stop a methodical serial killer.





Murder On The Wind

          Book 2 in the


    Murder Mystery Series

Murder On The Oregon Coast

The scenic Oregon Coast, normally peaceful and tranquil is shattered by more than winter storms--in this case, Murder.  Police Detectives O'Toole and Starker use their intellect, experience, and clever intuition to bring more than one killer to justice.

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                                     First book in the O'Toole/Starker Murder Mystery series